Sleep? What's that?

Ugh. As much as I love having Sammy and the male one around, it does little for my peace of mind. After what happened with Stormy, well the less said about that the better. There hasn't been any overt movements lately. Even that mysterious stalky-gift-giving-guy hasn't been showing up. The air has been tense. At first I thought it was just cause the male one doesn't seem to like me, but it's more than that. I can feel it in my bones. Something very bad is about to happen.

Sammie mentioned he's been hanging around the windows. Guess I haven't been at the right windows, because I haven't seen him. Then again, I have been avoiding windows like the plague after the bubblegum incident. Heh.

I might be just a little worried.



I am that! Can't sleep. Too excite! YAAAAAAAY! Gonna be a total zombie later, but that doesn't matter cause I'm excite now!



Alright. I used to mock my ex-girlfriend for going to cosmotology school. I mean, that shit can't be too hard right? Apparently I was wrong. So, so wrong. I apologize ex-girlfriend. Yours is a noble profession I have no talent for. Ah well. Hair grows back, I'll just wear a hat until then. Yeah...


Nearly gave myself a heart attack just now. So, I was playing with some chewing gum just now. I blew a huge bubble, biggest I've made in a while. It was like, bigger than my face. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the bubble's reflection in the window. The big, round white reflection in the window. It also happened to line up with a dark shape outside the window. My heart. Fucking. Stopped.

Of course, it turned out to be nothing. Anyway, minor stupidity induced scares aside, I am super excite! Why? Because. :3


Graduation day

Today was my younger sister's graduation. I had to miss it for obvious reasons. The main one being the fact that I'm not in the state.

In addition to my younger sister, Amelia would have been graduating today. If not for all this. I know I can never make what happened to her right, and I couldn't help Stormy when she needed it. All in all, I'm fairly useless. But I suppose there's not much I can do about it now, is there? I'll just have to keep moving forward. Figuratively.



Welp. Today's the day. Two hours ago EST I turned twenty. I'm not telling you all this as a way to fish for birthday wishes. That kind of stuff doesn't matter to me.

You know, I never was one for birthday celebrations and the like. I always figured they were pointless. Big deal, I managed not to die for a whole nother year. Go me. After everything that's happened it actually seems like an accomplishment. So... go me.

I just guess what I'm trying to say is, for all the bad this shit brings it helps you appreciate the good a little more. Not that appreciating the good will do us much good in the end. Well, aren't I little miss sunshine today?

Get off my lawn.


This will never not be funny


Alright, well for whatever reason it's not letting me comment on my own blog, so I guess I'll just have to do a real post because apparently my failures are really fucking interesting to you people. Jerks.

Anyway, here's how it is. Remember that secret admirer I mentioned? The one who was giving me flowers? Well, he/she/it never stopped. I've been trying to catch that motherfucker in the act for weeks now, but no dice. I don't understand how that shithead keeps getting by me. As far as I know I'm not losing time. And s/he/it knows things about me that nobody could. I mean, it's one thing to guess my favorite flower, but some of these gifts... It's just getting really out of hand. I haven't been able to catch so much as a glimpse of whoever's doing it either. It's really starting to tick me off.

Between that asshat and Stormy not coming out to play, I'm not having a very triumphant return.

You guys are better at this kind of thing than I am. Any ideas on how to make sure I'm not losing time without realizing it?