Hey guys! Remember when I had even the slightest idea of what was going on? Me too. Good fucking times. For now, allow me to ignore all the nonsense going on with the other bloggers, I'm most worried about Stormy. At times she's Stormy. The girl we've come to know, and have at least some affection for. At other times, I don't know. The way she looks at me, it scares me. There's just this vitriol that wasn't there before. And with tweets like this

echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo ECHO
And this

@ wont let you be Chosen cant let you only one only one

I'm honestly afraid. For her, but mostly for myself. I hate being that kind of person, but the instinct of self preservation is a strong one. I don't know what to do. Even so, even if whatever this thing is that's causing her to do these things hates me as I suspect, I won't abandon her. I may not be able to do anything to help, but I can at least stay with her.


Everything seems to be just going to hell

And not like it's just kinda heading south, I mean driving eighty down the highway to hell with the roof down flipping off everyone headed in the opposite direction. Why don't we ever get breaks anymore? Remember when there would be lulls in the whole "everything going to shit" thing? I think this is a bad sign. Maybe things are going to be coming to a close soon. If that's the case, I don't think we're going to win.

Anyway, Stormy seems to be doing better. That's good. I dunno. She said she's feeling better, but then she puts creepy posts up on her twitter. I try to make it amusing for myself, but I'm seriously creeped out. This could be the paranoia talking, but I don't think whatever's making her do these things likes me very much. Oh, and Riv posted something weird again. I don't even care enough to try and crack that one. I'm just very tired.

Let's just hope things start looking up soon.


Suppose I should say something...

Sure you guys have seen Stormy's post. I don't know what to tell you guys. I've been trying to collect my thoughts on the matter for days now. There's just nothing I can say. I'm doing what I can to keep her safe, but that's all I can do.

There's nothing I can do for her. I'm sorry.



I'm sure most of you have already seen her post. Maybe some of you are wondering about what I think. I'm concerned. Not fretting, but concerned. We can't afford for her to be such a snoozy mcsleepyhead.

Normally, it wouldn't matter. Well, as normal as it gets for people like us, I suppose. But today was different. I decided to take another trip to the store. It should have been a simple supply run. Should have been being the operative words. I ran into some trouble on my way back. Nothing serious, just the sort of trouble that made us have to leave in the right that second sense.

In other words I made a new friend. Or rather, I've become aware of us. I think it's been following us for a while now. I figure if we move quickly we can shake our new buddy. Wish us luck.



I hate it when this happens! You're just goin along, mindin your own business, typing up the longest wall of text thing you've ever written. And then you try to submit it, and the internet says, "NO!" and it's all gone. That wonderful, beautiful thing that took you like three hours to write.

Yeah, fuck you too internet.

Additionally, Woolooloo! Woolooloo! ALL HAIL! KING OF THE LOSERS! WOOLOOLOO!

I miss that game. I was never very good, but I had fun.



Hey, hey guys.

It's Friday. Do you know what that means? It means that

Ahahaha. I've been waiting all week for that. Thought we could all use the laugh.

Yeah, sorry. I can't sleep and I'm bored. Still, we could use the laugh. I know I needed it.