So Tired

I don't even understand why I'm so tired. I've been sleeping all day, and it just doesn't feel like it's enough.

I've also been hearing things. Women screaming, things trying to get in. I'm sure I'm just stressed out. I have to have a chapter ready by Friday, and I haven't so much as opened notepad to work on it. Oh well, right now I'm starving. I'll take care of that, and worry about the rest later.

Hope you're all doing better than I am.


I think I made a mistake...

I was fucking around in the dashboard and said to myself, "Self check out that traffic thing. I wonder how many people have actually seen this." and it's more than I thought. Honestly, it makes me pretty nervous to know I was writing for more people than just Stormy.

Don't get me wrong. I created this blog so runners would know there's a friendly face in the Philadelphia area, but somehow people actually seeing it is making me a little nervous.

Interestingly, 15 of the people who have visited my blog are using Google Chrome, while 14 are using Firefox. Opera and Internet Explorer are tied at two. I'm not a big fan of Chrome, but it appears to be winning the race. Heh.

This, as always, is a useless post. Feel free to ignore me.


Now that I'm not a big bucket of angst, I've got shit to say!

My local Blockbuster is closing down. It's a shame, I had some good memories of that place. My dad used to take me there every now and again. We would pick up movies, one for my sister, my dad and myself. Then we would hit the pizza place next door and spend the night watching movies and eating junk food. This is like when that dollar theater closed down. It was such a sad time. I loved that place.

On the bright side, I got a few movies real cheap. I got Serenity, which I just finished watching. God, I love that movie. I was so crushed when Firefly was canceled. Now that I'm older, I like it for more than just Summer Glau being oddly attractive. That was before I came out, hell I don't think I even realized I was gay back then.
She is rather cute isn't she, Summer? The only reason I gave The Cape a shot. I don't have celebrity crushes. The concept confuses me. Why would you like someone who's payed to play pretend? How can you trust their honesty? You live on the opposite side of the country from these people guys. No I don't think Hayley Williams is hot. Who is Hayley Williams? I know I'm a bad lesbian. Step off.

Right, well Serenity is fantastic. I also got The Orphanage, a movie that never fails to make me weep. It's by the same guy who made Pan's Labyrinth. Now that I think on it, I've never seen that movie. Anyway, The Orphanage, if you get the chance watch it. It's beautiful and the ending is the saddest fucking thing ever.

Last movie I got was this movie I had never heard of. Marebito. I'm not sure if I'll like it. It looks like some Japanese horror. I like Japanese horror, so I suppose I can't go wrong. Anyway, it was only three bucks. When I watch it I'll type up some sort of review. You know, because It could be fun.

I also dropped by my local Borders (which seems to be going under as well) and picked up A Sweet Far Thing. It's the third in the Gemma Doyle Trilogy. I read the first two books a few years back, and haven't gotten around to reading the third. Heh. Actually, it's been long enough I might want to re-read the first two before proceeding.

Anyway, this is all trivial nonsense, but isn't it trivial nonsense that keeps us all going?

Stay safe guys.

Also, another person watching me? Hello there. :)

Also also, Is there anything Jackie Chan can't do? Of course not, because  Chuck Norris^∞ * Bruce Lee + Bruce Campbell = Jackie Chan. Look it up.




Look, I'm feeling really awful right now. Just let me have my moment of whiny-ness, and I'll try to keep it off the blog from now on.

Without getting into too much detail, I'm super depressed tonight. Clinical Depression runs in my family, and every now and again it hits me like a truck. I've also got some mental scars from a couple incidents I don't feel like sharing. Anywho, the depression train hit me again tonight. I feel so awful about everything, especially now that I'm whining about my petty problems when my one follower is having far more pressing difficulties.

I hope you stay safe Stormy. I'm going to try to sleep off my angst.


Cats and Dogs

So, in Creative Writing today we were given a prompt to write about the effects of "extreme weather". Fine by me. After cycling through a few ideas that were too depressing for even me to write about I settled on this. I'm not sure how coherent it is, I didn't sleep last night and the cold has made my dexterity a little less than what it could be. Heh.

Heart Palpitations Abound!

My alarm clock nearly gave me a heart attack just now. I thought I had shut it off. I didn't get any sleep at all, although it wasn't completely unexpected. My area just got hit with a fuckton of snow, as such my classes got canceled. Of course, I being the irresponsible fuckwit I am, decided to spend my time off staying up all night. One would think I would figure out the consequences of doing that after a while. Of course, what one thinks should happen, and what actually happens rarely if ever coincides.

Hey self! I don't know when you started jumping at every shadow, but you had best stop it. The vaguely white thing you see out of the corner of your eye is your hair lit up by the monitor. It always has been, and it always will be. That weird black-ish blob in the back yard? It's a chair. It's been there for fucking years, stop worrying about it. The shiny things in the garage window? Icicles. Chill the fuck out.

Maybe it's the lack of sleep making me paranoid. I'm fucking exhausted. Good thing I've still got a redbull left over. I know that shit is awful for you, but hell. It "gives me jet engines" as a friend of mine said. Tastes pretty terrible too. Kinda like smarties. Do you guys remember smarties? I always hated them growing up. I like the coffee flavored energy drinks best. Monster Java and the way-too-expensive Starbucks ones are the easiest to get. Sometimes I find the Coffee Rockstar ones. I fucking love Rockstar.

Ah, what was I saying? Right heart attacks. They happen. And stuff. I am so tired.


I really suck at these introductory posts and the like.

I figure ya'll can call me Echo; it's a good a name as any. I didn't originally intend to start this blog, but it's late and I can't sleep so I figure what the hell? I'll probably post here a couple times and then forget about it anyway. I guess I should tell you guys a little about myself now? Um, well, I hate cheese. I really hate cheese. And mayonnaise. And milk. I do like ice cream, so I'm not a total freak. I guess.

None of that is really important. I'm a writer, of sorts. I dunno. Ugh. Someone's dog is barking pretty loud out there. I hope it's not mine. Ah well, it is rather late and I need to get up to go to class in about two hours. Here's to hoping I manage it.